Protect Against Identity Theft

Thousands of individuals report serious crimes like identity theft and identity fraud every year.

Legal experts add that only a fraction of these crimes are actually reported, meaning that the risk of fraud committed by stolen customer and employee data is substantial for many companies.

At Shred Source, we’re committed to stemming the tide of fraud and identity theft with the best privacy and information destruction practices. We believe that shredding is an excellent form of identity fraud protection. We guarantee that none of your customer or employee data will ever fall into the wrong hands thanks to our mobile shredding units, as handled by our professional and licensed specialists. All information marked for deletion is secured and destroyed right on your organization’s premises, all on the same day.

When the cost of our professional services is compared to the high price that comes from not shredding old documents and other media, the results are conclusive. Put yourself in the best hands with our third-party, professional shredding services.Bookmark and Share