Laws and Regulations

Comply with the Law and State Regulations

Besides the cost of rebuilding your credit and reputation after an act of identity theft, you should also consider the legal exposure that your organization would face. Under both national and legal jurisdictions, the law mandates that all businesses, financial institutions, and healthcare facilities must protect their clients’ confidential information.

We recommend that you learn more about your local laws and what Shred Source can do to protect you. For example, national, state and local regulations require organizations to appoint one or more individuals to oversee their compliance with privacy laws, including protection procedures for all personal information collected by your organization, as well as developing and implementing new policies for gathering and storing personal information.

In addition, to keep your organization less exposed to the risk of a civil suit, it is vital that you safeguard all personal information against loss, theft and other unauthorized uses, no matter what format the data is contained in.

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