Protect Our Environment with Green Business Practices

Every year, the United States consumes more than 80 million tons of paper, and according to the American Forest and Paper Association, around 63 percent of that paper is recycled every year. As you can imagine, this means less trees being chopped down per year and better results for our environment.

Your organization may wish to do their part and go green as well. Fortunately, you can both reduce your environmental impact and increase your security through the services of a professional and reliable shredding company like Shred Source.

Instead of throwing out old documents and letting them rot in a landfill, Shred Source will put your old papers into specially locked bins and deliver them straight to a secure shredding facility. Once we’ve shredded the paper entirely, the remains are sent to a pulping mill and recycled into clean, reusable paper. In one fluid motion, we can both protect your company’s information and create a renewable resource that will find its way back into your office’s printers and copy machines.

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