How We Recycle Old Clothing into Eco-Friendly Apparel


In the modern fashion industry, retailers like H&M and Forever 21 have a business plan based around mass-produced clothing that they can sell or discard at a low price. With such a high turnover, even after all the sales have been made, what’s to be done with the clothes that are left over?

Like any business, fashion retailers have to clear shelf space for new wares. This is why they usually go to a textile shredder or recycling service. Their old products can be turned into raw materials for the new line of apparel that will soon be appearing in their stores next season.

Shred Source hopes to be an efficient shredding service for any industry. We handle more than office documents and electronics. Using our advanced pierce-and-tear shredders, we can safely contain and destroy any old fabrics and articles of clothing. We guarantee that our process is environmentally friendly, with all shredded textiles converted into reusable material, instead of being left to decompose in a landfill.

Here is what any good shredding service will offer you when it comes to getting rid of your old apparel.

Total brand protection: Everyone has a right to privacy, from individuals to companies great and small. In the course of doing business, a fashion retailer deserves to know that someone isn’t out there reappropriating their brand without their consent, costing them up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. A professional shredding service will make sure that all their unwanted merchandise is stored and destroyed in a safe and timely manner.

A secure shredding environment: Every stage of recycling your old apparel should be secure, from the professionals who collect and transport your wares in locked containers to the offsite processing plant where those fabrics are broken down and recycled.

Onsite shredding supervision: As efficient as textile shredding is today, the best service isn’t left automated. You should know that a security-cleared employee is personally overseeing your product destruction from start to finish.

A Certificate of Destruction: At the end of the shredding process, you’re entitled to receive a Certificate of Destruction from the company. This document states that everything you sent in was successfully destroyed or recycled and that your brand and company secrets are safe.

If you’re a professional in the fashion industry, what are your thoughts about how to get rid of your unwanted products? Would you trust a service like ours to meet your expectations?Bookmark and Share

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