Records Storage

We believe in offering convenient and cost-effective solutions for the whole business community.
This includes easier ways to move and store your organization’s records offsite at our secure facility.

We can make your company’s record management incredibly easy. Once you request it, we’ll deliver storage cartons to your workplace. As soon as you’ve packed away everything, our service technicians will arrive to pick up the cartons and deliver them to our secure facility. This pickup service is available for next-day and emergency retrieval needs, and always at an affordable price.

In addition, Shred Source technicians can scan and upload your records into an electronic format at our facility’s database. We’ll provide you with access to this database, so that you can better organize and locate your records in a completely secure digital environment.

Our Secure Facility

You can rest easy knowing that your most sensitive records are kept safe offsite at the Shred Source facility. This location features world-class security, from physical access controls and intruder alert systems to 24-hour monitoring and fire suppression systems. Every employee who works here has been extensively screened for security issues, insurance-bonded, and licensed to handle sensitive materials—including the documents and other media that are destroyed under their supervision.

We understand that space is a valuable and fleeting resource in any organization, costing both you and your customers time and money as your records grow in volume and take up more office space. Let us help you alleviate your problems by handling your records’ security ourselves.


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