Protecting Proprietary Company Information

Protect Your Business From Corporate Espionage

Identity theft is a crime that affects both private individuals and privately-owned companies. However, both small and large businesses face the unique threat of corporate espionage.

In today’s marketplace, among any industry, there is no shortage of corporate competitors who are interested in the details of confidential company information. Some business rivals will even go so far as to steal company secrets by digging through garbage dumpsters and recycling bins. No scrap of paper is too small for them if it means gaining an advantage over your business.

To keep your assets and information safe, Shred Source conducts regularly scheduled security audits to identify the kind of information that is most likely to fall into the wrong hands. Based on what our audits reveal about your company, our experts can help you develop and implement new policies and procedures to tighten your internal security. In addition, our mobile shredding units will ensure that none of your company’s confidential information ever leaves the premises intact, with all documents and media destroyed efficiently and away from prying eyes.Bookmark and Share