Product Destruction

The Importance of Product Destruction

Paper and electronic documents aren’t the only sources of confidential information that your company can produce. Even the products that your company specialises in are a source of information that can, whether by becoming obsolete or recalled from the market, pose a hazard to your company’s future. To prevent the confidential data and company secrets in your products from getting into the hands of corporate rivals and identity thieves, you should put your trust in a professional product destruction service.

Shred Source offers excellent product destruction process for companies who need to get rid of excess inventory, old uniforms, or recalled products in a safe, secure, and efficient manner. While our specialty might be in old-fashioned paper recycling, we can accommodate your needs and ensure that all your old or obsolete products are handled, removed from the premises, and disposed of with the utmost care.

Recall Product Destruction


A product recall can be a very stressful time for any company, which is why Shred Source wants to be a reliable partner in your business plan. To reduce your risk of information exposure and losing valuable company secrets during a recall, our service technicians will efficiently manage your product destruction needs through the use of locked bins and our secure shredding facility.

We can safely dispose of anything from electronics to medical supplies to uniforms and accessories. Everything is destroyed under the supervision of our licensed and security-cleared technicians for your benefit.

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