Preserving Customer, Client and Patient Privacy

Protect Customer Privacy

Living in the Information Age means that we have access to more data today than ever before. However, gathering information comes at a high price in both your organization’s security and potential legal risk.

Whether you own a small shop with only two employees or manage a massive corporation with worldwide operations, it’s more than likely that you possess confidential customer information. This includes anything from credit card numbers to insurance information to birthdates and phone numbers.

When customers and patients hand over their data to an organization like yours, they do so with the unspoken faith and expectation that you’ll protect their privacy at all costs. If you don’t, you run the risk of bad publicity and word of mouth marketing, less profits and a higher chance of legal action against your company.

Instead of taking that legal and financial risk, show your customers that you take their information and their privacy as seriously as they do. Work with Shred Source and give your customers the peace of mind that they deserve.Bookmark and Share