E-Collective (Electronic Waste Recycling)

Every organization has produced volumes of electronic media every year, from hard drives and data backup devices to CDs, DVDs, and magnetic tapes. However, disposing of old or obsolete electornic media poses two major concerns:

  • How to safely dispose of said media
  • How to prevent information exposure

Fortunately, Shred Source has a dedicated electronic waste reycling service for all of our clients. We understand that companies want to keep their information secure and to stay regulation-compliant, especially with laws like HIPAA and FACTA to consider.

Electronic media has to be disposed of in a safe environment, owing to the toxic substances that they contain, which we don’t want to add to our open-air landfills. Our certified technicians will collect every form of electronic media that you’ve marked for destruction, create an inventory of the materials collected for our own records, transport the electronic waste to our secure offsite facility, and then recycle the destroyed media using environmentally-friendly procedures.

E-Collection Services

Shred Source promises nothing less than a convenient and efficient process for all removing and recycling your electronic waste products. Our service technicians will examine and organize everything marked for disposal. They’ll also be sure to advise you on the best practices to follow in the future for electronically-stored data and your company’s ongoing information security.

With cases of identity theft and fraud on the rise, it’s more vital now for companies everywhere to know that their electronic media and electronically-stored data is being securely contained and safely disposed by professionals.

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