Computer Media Destruction

Protect Your Company’s Proprietary Digital Information

Getting rid of old documents and other media means more than clearing up waste in your office. It’s also a matter of corporate security. While both individuals and businesses are at risk of identity theft and acts of fraud, small and large business still face the risk of corporate espionage from their competitors in the marketplace.

Every company possesses a trade secret of some sort, whether it’s a manufacturing process, a chemical formula, or a special type of software. However, some competitors will go to any level to get access to those secrets, even if it means digging through dumpsters and recycling bins.

Fortunately, Shred Source can evaluate your company’s internal security through regular audits, which help us identify potential risks and how your information is most likely to fall into the wrong hands. Then we work with your staff to develop and implement the right policies and procedures to tighten your information’s security. We also take the right steps to dispose of old documents and media in our secure shredding facilities, where only licensed and bonded employees are available to handle the destruction of your most vital secrets.

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