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What to Do When Your Hard Drive Turns Obsolete


Keeping up with the latest advances in technology isn’t just a luxury in today’s economy. It’s essential for staying in business, especially as digital recordkeeping becomes more efficient. However, when something as valuable as the hard drive on your company computer has reached its full capacity or isn’t compatible anymore, then it’s time to consider what comes next.

Besides buying new electronics with more storage space and better speed, you’ll also need to find some way to remove all the old digital equipment taking up precious office space. That’s where companies like Shred Source come in. A professional shredding service collects more than paper documents; we collect everything from old hard drives to modern flash drives, printers, cell phones, and CPUs. Getting rid of electronic data that’s outdated or confidential means you deserve a process that’s state-of-the-art and secure.

When you contract with a company that offers electronic shredding services, you’re guaranteed to such benefits as:

Mobile shredding vehicles: While many companies prefer to have their faulty PCs and hard drives taken to an offsite plant, some would rather see their sensitive materials destroyed onsite. We can guarantee your right to privacy and visit your workplace thanks to our mobile shredding vehicles, operated by insurance-bonded and security-approved drivers.

Full compliance with laws and regulations: As a NAID member, any information destruction company is required to act within the confines of the law. For example, if you’re part of a bank in Los Angeles, we’ll remove your old hard drives and other electronics according to GLBA standards. The same goes for healthcare companies, whose confidential patient data is regulated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

A Certificate of Destruction: No professional shredder would dream of disposing of a client’s materials without giving them a Certificate of Destruction. Receiving this document means that all your electronics have been thoroughly erased and recycled, so your office can go back to business with greater peace of mind.

Nothing is more important than protecting your company’s brand or your customers’ information from data thieves and rivals. With a reliable shredding service, you can guarantee that your company will continue to stay safe and strong in the market.

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How We Recycle Old Clothing into Eco-Friendly Apparel


In the modern fashion industry, retailers like H&M and Forever 21 have a business plan based around mass-produced clothing that they can sell or discard at a low price. With such a high turnover, even after all the sales have been made, what’s to be done with the clothes that are left over?

Like any business, fashion retailers have to clear shelf space for new wares. This is why they usually go to a textile shredder or recycling service. Their old products can be turned into raw materials for the new line of apparel that will soon be appearing in their stores next season.

Shred Source hopes to be an efficient shredding service for any industry. We handle more than office documents and electronics. Using our advanced pierce-and-tear shredders, we can safely contain and destroy any old fabrics and articles of clothing. We guarantee that our process is environmentally friendly, with all shredded textiles converted into reusable material, instead of being left to decompose in a landfill.

Here is what any good shredding service will offer you when it comes to getting rid of your old apparel.

Total brand protection: Everyone has a right to privacy, from individuals to companies great and small. In the course of doing business, a fashion retailer deserves to know that someone isn’t out there reappropriating their brand without their consent, costing them up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. A professional shredding service will make sure that all their unwanted merchandise is stored and destroyed in a safe and timely manner.

A secure shredding environment: Every stage of recycling your old apparel should be secure, from the professionals who collect and transport your wares in locked containers to the offsite processing plant where those fabrics are broken down and recycled.

Onsite shredding supervision: As efficient as textile shredding is today, the best service isn’t left automated. You should know that a security-cleared employee is personally overseeing your product destruction from start to finish.

A Certificate of Destruction: At the end of the shredding process, you’re entitled to receive a Certificate of Destruction from the company. This document states that everything you sent in was successfully destroyed or recycled and that your brand and company secrets are safe.

If you’re a professional in the fashion industry, what are your thoughts about how to get rid of your unwanted products? Would you trust a service like ours to meet your expectations?Bookmark and Share

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Gas Price Hikes in California Suspect

The Los Angeles area is seeing an increase in gas prices as the summer comes to an end. Have the gas prices been inflated? Are there some suspect characters behind the gas price hike? California Senator Dianne Feinstein asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate gasoline prices in the Los Angeles and California as a whole, which she thinks are higher than they should be.

Feinstein, wrote FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz to “immediately open an investigation into recent spikes” in California gas prices. The jump in price — 30 cents a gallon since the Aug. 6th fire, Feinstein said — is “unjustified by supply and demand fundamentals.”

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Orange County, South Coast Plaza to get high-end denim store

In Orange County, fashion trumps the economy. After an 8 million dollar house gets forclosed in Newport Beach, seems looking good is more important than a roof over your head.

High-End Denim Store opens in South Coast Plaza

“Last year, sales of women’s denim priced below $25 fell 11 percent to $3 billion and those priced from $25 to $50 fell 2 percent to $2.9 billion. And sales of women’s jeans priced from $50 to $75 were flat. However, sales of women’s jeans priced at more than $75 jumped 26 percent to $803.2 million last year, according to The NPD Group.”

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Pasadena’s Kidspace Physics Forest makes its public debut.

Pasadena’s Kidspace opens up Physics Forest for scientists of all ages, but focused toward elementary students.

Kidspace Museum’s new $4.4-million Robert & Mary Galvin Physics Forest, with 13 outdoor interactive exhibits on a half-acre of the Arroyo Seco campus, opened Thursday. “The hands-on exhibit is the first of its kind in the country, and perhaps the world,” said Kidspace CEO Michael Shanklin.

Each exhibit, specially designed for Kidspace by Florida-based “Hands On Interactive,” demonstrates a fundamental physics principle.

New attractions benefit local shops in the Pasadena area improving an economic slowdown.

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Knott’s Berry Farm Attendance Up in Buena Vista

Good news for the Buena Vista area, seeing an increase in attendance at Knott’s Berry Farm. This increase attendance is sure to spill over into the local Buena Vista economy.

The parent company of Knott’s Berry Farm said Tuesday “its system-wide revenue was up 5 percent through the July 4 weekend.” Out-of-park revenues, including resort hotels, were up about 2 percent.

With roller coasters, water rides and live entertainment, Knott’s Berry Farm is bringing in a whole new crop of people to enjoy Buena Vista entertainment.

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Goodrich opens facility in Brea

Goodrich Corp. opened its new, 105,000-square-foot facility in Brea. Orange County will see an increase in employment with this opening.

The Brea facility will design, develop and produce aerospace-related technology such as rescue hoists, digital data systems and in-flight entertainment products. The site employs about 260 workers in engineering, manufacturing and administrative positions.

“Our business is growing, and consolidating our two nearby sites into the Brea location allows us to better leverage our talented work force and other resources to grow our business for years to come,” Mark Skarohlid, vice president and general manager for the business segment, says in a company press release.

Brea & Orange County out of work employees welcome Goodrich.

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Newport Beach second-richest city in America

Six-figure incomes are more common in California than anywhere else in America. On top of the standings are two California cities, Palo Alto and Newport Beach; with nine others placing in the national top 20.

The latest statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau show that 56.9 percent of Palo Alto’s households had incomes greater than $100,000 as of 2010, the latest year for which official figures are available. Newport Beach is the runner-up at 53.8 percent.

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Microlender Kiva makes loans to L.A. small businesses

Microlender Kiva, a nonprofit lender, which uses its website to get ordinary citizens to help support its loans, has started by funding 13 loans in the L.A. area.

The organization’s founder, Premal Shah — formerly an executive at PayPal — said Kiva’s aim was not just to shore up local Los Angeles small businesses but also to contribute to the overall economic health of Los Angeles neighborhoods.

“Other initial loans in the local Kiva program include:

•Kate Paul got $10,000 to pay rent and expand her Foodink catering business.

•HD-LV Apparel Resources, which paints designs on jeans, jackets and other clothing items, got $6,000 to expand beyond its two kiosks.

•Artist Lix Mario received $5,000 for materials to create six bronze sculptures.

•Vicenta Lozano got $10,000 for equipment for her Paleteria Bety business, which has 30 pushcarts selling ice cream and Mexican-style popsicles.

•Thomas Foulkrod received $5,000 to promote his private investigation business.”

Local Los Angeles small business have a new way to raise funds from ordinary citizens, thanks to new legislation that allows anyone to fund a start up or local business venture. No more dependence on Venture Capitalists, your ordinary customers can fund your ideas.

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Bank downgrades could hurt Pasadena small business loans

With Moody’s cutting bank credit ratings, Pasadena small businesses may have a harder time securing new small business loans and credit cards. Some of the biggest banks in the US have been downgraded including Citi & Bank of America. After the downgrades, the banks stand barely above the minimum for an investment grade rating, a sign of the difficult business conditions they face.

Thursday’s downgrading of 15 of the world’s largest banks is almost sure to cause wide concern among Pasadena small businesses. Most deposits are perfectly safe, but the downgrades could hurt people in more subtle ways: Banks may jack up fees and might be reluctant to lend, which could affect mortgages, credit cards and even the Pasadena job market.

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